Dirty Baseball Headlines: Buster Posey Slid into 3rd Base With his Face

When a baseball pun and a sexual innuendo can be squeezed out of a baseball play that actually happened it’s a special moment for everyone involved.

Everyone involved that isn’t named Buster Posey*

Woof. Your boy Buster beat the ball to the third by a good 8 feet. Buster wined and dined that baseball diamond to get to that base. He said, wow these last two bases have been great. I’ve pretty much been able to breeze right through them. It seems like third base wants me to be here. Maybe I’ll just skip my hands.



Sometimes you get let down. Maybe you shouldn’t have trusted your third base coach.

One second you’re on top of the world. Smooth swing and a lead off triple.

In the blink of an eye your helmet gets launched into the 200 level, you have a mouthful of base path, and your nose is snapped in half like a French gymnast’s fibula.

Get those batting gloves horizontal next time, big fella.







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