Tim Tebow is that High Schooler Who Tries Out for Every Sport and Doesn’t Make One Team

Tim Tebow wasn’t a very good football player so now he’s trying to stay relevant and play baseball. Apparently he was a stud in high school and has “a lot of potential” to become a good ball player…

He was also a stud football player in college, and look where that got him…

He reminds me of freshmen in high school who are ready to try out for every athletic team even though they don’t have one athletic bone in their body, and they either get cut or get put on the B team only because they aren’t allowed to cut players.

In this case, Tim Tebow’s set for the B team. Actually, it’s technically the D team. I see him starting off in single A just to get some exposure and going nowhere from there. After he realizes high school baseball is a little bit easier than professional baseball he’ll probably be about 30, a prime age to start up an MLS career. With all the good footwork he has from shuffling in and around the pocket and his “can do” mentality, he’ll be a shoe-in for the Chicago Fire. After that, well, Tebow will be doing work on his drives and putts in effort to get on the PGA Tour.

Even though I think Tebow is going to be a failure in the MLB, I’m still going to root for him. It’s hard not to root for a humble guy who doesn’t realize he’s just not good enough to be a professional athlete. All I’m saying is you can’t stop playing a sport for over a decade and expect to be a professional athlete in that very game. But… He could be the modern day Jesus Christ so don’t count him out. He’s also got people supporting him so he’s basically an pro ball player already.

God speed Timmy. God speed.


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