The NFL is NOW Officially Back, Aaand the Bears Lost 22-0

Hot start for the lowest rated team in Madden 17. Coming out to your first game of the season in your home stadium in front of your fans and putting up a big goose egg is not ideal. 60 minutes. Zero points.

The most amount of yards they gained in a single drive was 33, and that was from their own 8 yard line to their own 41… The closest they got to the end zone was late in the second quarter when Brian Hoyer took the Bears down to the Broncos 44 yard line…

After that, well, it’s just the Bears being the Bears.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.58.19 AM.png

Tough to throw a pick right off a timeout… And let’s not forget they let Mark Sanchez do this on the first drive of the game.

9 punts(one blocked for a TD), 1 safety, 1 turnover on downs, and 1 interception later the Bears dropped their first preseason game 22-0.

I know these games don’t mean anything, but losing bad like this is never a good sign. Especially considering your better/best guys are out on the field for that first drive, and Mark Sanchez/Demaryius Thomas did that to you… Hopefully some adjustments are made because if I were a fan I would be livid watching that play.

The Bears-Packers rivalry has died just like the Red Sox-Yankees. It sucks. Sure the Bears beat the Packers on Thanksgiving last year but after that game the Packers were 7-4, and the Bears were 5-7, and the Packers ended 10-6 while the Bears ended 6-10. I’m at the point to where as a Packers fan, I want the Bears to be good again, because now we’re back to this Packers-Vikings rivalry, and I hate it.

Packers-Browns tonight. RGIII IS BACK BABY!





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