My Thoughts on the World Cup of Hockey Sweaters

With the World Cup of Hockey coming juuussstttt under a month away (starts on September 17th) I figured it was time to weigh in on the sweaters most of our favorite players will be repping. Here they are if you haven’t seen them already:




Ok, so first can we all agree that Team North America and Team Europe have some shitty looking jerseys? Europe looks like some Frankenstein combination of two completely different ideas and North America’s color scheme sucks ballllllsssss. The orange logo on a plain black jersey with some boring grey stripes and more orange piping is not appealing. Ditto to having half a sweater blue and the other half not blue! These two countries easily have the worst designs in the tournament, bag and tag ’em.

Thankfully, things improve significantly from there. Team Russia, Finland, USA and the Czech Republic all look good, but there’s nothing too special going on there. I like that they’ve all got patches that represent their respective country. Plus Finland, Russia and America even have their countries language on the front. That’s pretty cool.

But, the best ones are Team Canada and Team Sweden by far. I really like the Maple Leafs on Canada’s sleeves. It gives something different that the other sweaters don’t have. Also, not trying to do a crazy design and keeping things normal is nice.

My favorite is Team Sweden’s though. It sticks with the traditional Three Crowns that are traditionally found on the country’s jerseys and I love it. I’ve always been a fan of their design and these new digs don’t change that. Plus, look at these away ones the team will be rocking:



Those aways get me feeling some type of way. Pure eye candy. These will easily be my favorite to look at during the tournament and based only on jerseys, Sweden should win it all.

P.S. Shoutout to Adidas for not being obnoxious about where to put their signature stripes. Placing it in a low-key but still noticeable place on the sides was a good move. Doesn’t mess with traditional jersey design too much.



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