The New York Rangers win the Jimmy Vesey Sweepstakes

Yesterday, Jimmy Vesey decided to join the Rangers organization over a multitude of other choices. He signed a two-year contract with the club. ESPN reported on the team signing the coveted player (please don’t judge me for using ESPN as a hockey source):

Vesey became a free agent at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. In addition to the Buffalo Sabres, who owned exclusive negotiating rights from June 20 to this past Monday, Vesey entered the market with a list of seven teams he considered, and he met with those organizations over a two-day period in Boston, along with his agents, Peter Fish and Peter Donatelli.

Vesey said the history of the Rangers organization and its status as an Original Six franchise had a lot to do with his decision.

“This week I did do a lot of meetings, and it was definitely a tough decision, but myself, my agent and my family were very impressed with the Rangers in our meeting,” Vesey said. “Talking with coach [Alain] Vigneault and [general manager] Jeff Gorton and Chris Drury, I was really impressed with those guys, and I just thought that New York was somewhere I could play and hopefully stick in the NHL.

“The thing that jumped out at me was they seemed to really want me, and from talking to them it seemed that they really needed to have me in their lineup and it seemed like they believe in me, so that was something I was looking for, and based on our talks, New York was the right fit.”

So, how much does this suck for the Sabres? They traded a third round pick to Nashville JUST for the negotiating rights to Vesey and he signs with another club. Now they lose a third rounder and young Jimmy. Can’t win them all though right?

I must say, I’m happy for the Rangers. Sure, they’re not a Stanley Cup contender anymore, but this is an important signing for them. Jimmy Vesey is young and could become the face of the team in the future. The team needs a young player who could take over and he’s the perfect guy. Plus, now Vesey and his ego can get the limelight in New York. Everyone (in New York) wins. I’m curious to see how he does with these guys. Could he lead them to the Cup? Probably not, as the Rangers will need more than just Vesey to get back to their once dominant selfves, but he should have a positive impact.

P.S. Smart move not signing with Boston, as chances are the team would trade him after a successful season or two for some draft picks.

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