Rams RB Tre Mason is a Ten-Year-Old; Flees From Police on an ATV

Being ten-years-old had its perks. There were no lingering responsibilities, and expectations were still relatively low, and ripping an ATV down the streets of your hometown at 80 MPH to shake the police was commonplace.

h/t CBS NFLThe Rams haven’t seen running back Tre Mason since the end of the 2015 season. Last month, Mason’s mother, Tina Mason, told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies that her 23-year-old son has a “10-year-old’s mindset” resulting from head injuries sustained during his football career.

Dashboard-camera footage from July 27 showed Mason fleeing deputies on an ATV at speeds that reached 80 miles per hour. The chase ended when Mason fled into his mother’s house. He refused to come out, though he was cited and his ATV was towed.

The good old days, man. One day you’re 23-years-old and it looks like you have a solid role in the LA Rams backfield, and the next day you’re ten again. Whipping your four wheeler down a turnpike and then OJ’ing yourself at your Mom’s house. What a time, what a time.

I’m not downplaying CTE. Concussions are a serious problem in all levels of football, but if you’re somebody that is allegedly experiencing personality inconsistencies, and sporadic behavior you don’t get a free pass. You get some help.

In case you forgot, Tre Mason was filthy at Auburn

And he shined as a rookie, but seeing a blurb like this from his mother is disheartening:

“As much as he’s accomplished, as hard as he’s worked, as much as he’s built his character, in record-breaking time it’s going downhill because of what’s going on,” Tina Mason said. “He doesn’t even know. He’s not conscious enough.”

-Tina Mason

Jeff Fisher needs you Tre. It’s not easy going 8-8, 7-9, or a rare 9-7. Get help, and get back on the field, and if you’re not fit for the NFL, best of luck to you.



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