Colin Kaepernick Tries Staying Relevant, Sits During National Anthem

So basically, a potential back-up quarterback tried taking a stand against our country by sitting down during the national anthem of a preseason game.

To start, why now? Why in the third preseason game of your 6th season AFTER you have already peaked..? Trying to stay relevant like that is a conceited move. I’ve never been a fan of Colin Kaepernick(mainly because of his success against Green Bay) and this solidifies my hatred for him.

I understand racism is still around. I’m stuck in my Safe Space down here in Mizzou. But to sit down and ignore your country’s anthem, the flag and song that represent the history United States of America, from fighting the British to earn our independence, to fighting terrorist groups like ISIS is extremely naive…

Kaep, it may be selfish, like you said, to look the other way, but you know damn well it’s selfish of you to sit down and turn your back to all of the armed forces that are fighting to this day to keep your entitled ass safe and making millions of dollars.

Like I said earlier, Colin Kaepernick is fighting for his job against Blaine Gabbert. If this were Russell Wilson fighting for better treatment of minorities, then that’s a big deal, but Kaep of all people should not be causing off-field drama when he could be sitting on the bench for more than just the national anthem…

In his statement he doesn’t reference ANY specific event in recent history. Just throws out blanket statements like “…there are bodies in the street,” and “people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” I understand he has his motives and I respect that, but it’s him against everyone if he doesn’t share them with us.

Even after all of this settles down, I can tell you one thing. I’d be shocked if any member of our armed forces supported Kaepernick and the 49ers for the rest of his tenure. If he wants to turn his back on our country, then send him overseas.

P.S. Look at NBA stars like LeBron, D Wade, Chris Paul, and Melo… They are fed up with the direction our society is headed, so they made a PSA at the beginning of the ESPYS. Maybe make a public statement before turning your back on the only place where you’d be making hundreds of millions of dollars.


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