Tim Tebow homers in his first Instructional League at bat

Before you watch the clip picture the most Tebow home run that you can think of.

And there it was. He swings his face off and happens to catch some straight 88 mph Instructional League gas late and the ball is headed to where every good christian puts it: opposite field.

Whenever Tim runs his muscle memory tells him that there’s an NFL scout at the game and he kicks it into 6th gear. So, naturally, as the ball is clearly going 900 feet over the fence, Tim’s brain says “let thy kingdom come” and he’s galloping at his blazing 4.7 40 yard dash speed.

What do you do if you’re an instructional league pitcher now? Are you going to throw at him? No because the ball will either get struck by lightning before it hits him, or his chiseled oblique is going to send it right back at your face.

Intentionally walk him? No. Tebow believes that every bad seed can be saved by the word of god. Therefore, every bad pitch can take a trip on the journey through the valley of the shadow of death via Tim’s Easton 33″.

He’s unstoppable, but where there is poor throwing form there is a poor future, and I don’t know if anybody remembers this, but there was another professional sport that Tim couldn’t quite get the hang of that required throwing a ball.


Give us more Timmy. I hope you crucify the opposition, and resurrect your career. (<- some of my best stuff)


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