Point the Finger at the Bad Guy: Odell Beckham Jr.

Image: NY Post

You have been reading headlines like these all day:




Let’s look at a few facts. Odell Beckham Jr. is acting like a child on the football field. He is letting defensive backs get under his skin. Last night he caught three passes on nine targets for 23 yards. He has 22 catches for 303 yards this season, but he has yet to find the end zone. Last year after four weeks he had 24 catches for 307 yards and two touchdowns. Those stats aren’t that different on paper, and the lack of red zone communication between Beckham and Eli Manning can offer an explanation for his lack of touchdowns.

The Giants have committed 19 penalties for a total of 197 yards the past two weeks. Odell Beckham was responsible for just two of those for a total of 25 yards. In last weeks loss to Washington Beckham had 7 catches on 11 targets for 121 yards. His behavior is overshadowing his statistics. Did he make circumstantial mistakes? Yes, but throwing the ball away twice on 4th down are circumstantial mistakes too right? (@Eli)

And how has Eli Manning fared against the Vikings in his career?



Take all the information you just received and combine it with the fact that Sam Bradford absolutely flossed the Giants defense last night to move the Vikings to 4-0 and you’re left with a multitude of factors that led to the Giants losing last night, and, subsequently last week.

Odell is putting the spotlight on him for all of the wrong reasons, but he’s still the same player. He is putting up similar stats with the same quarterback. Football Thursdays, Sundays, Mondays are better with this:

It’s easy to point the finger at a young player who’s developing an angry, childish, bad guy persona that Steve Smith (you ever heard of him) brought to the NFL. Steve Smith was able to harness that and have a hall of fame career.

Don’t say that Odell Beckham is wholeheartedly to blame for the Giants recent struggles because he’s not. Have his actions helped? No. Did Eli’s lifetime 56.1 QB rating vs. the Viking help? Absolutely not.

Odell Beckham Jr. is an unreal athlete with vacuum hands and mossing abilities that we saw with Randy, Calvin Johnson, and TO.

If and WHEN he figures this angst out you’re going to see the ODB jr you love to watch.



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