The Pain of Being a Cubs Fan

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan since the day I was born. The Doctor might have had a Sammy Sosa jersey ready for me in the delivery room. My body bleeds Cubby Blue, and for years it has been a painful journey. Every casual baseball fan knows that its been a long time since the Cubs have won a World Series. The die hard fans like me, always remember the curse and every October that thought creeps into the back of my mind. So incase you have missed it, here is the moment in 2003 where thousands of Cubs fans hearts broke into a million pieces.

This is the moment when the Cubs good mojo died, after Steve Bartman put his hand over the railing things changed. The ESPN documentary Catching Hell does a outstanding job of proving this. Many fans in the crowd said it was like letting all the air out of a balloon, absolutely deflating. Then this happened.

One of the most sure handed short stops in the league, botches a sure double play ball and opens the door for the Marlins who then scored 7 more runs and put every Cub fan in a living hell. Alex Gonzalez had 10 errors on the entire season, and then proceeds to make the biggest error in Chicago Cubs baseball history.

So why do I as a Cub fan revisit these moments every October? Because ESPN makes a killing by reposting these moments. As if the Steve Bartman play hasn’t been broadcasted enough. I may be cliche by saying its our year, but as a Cub fan don’t I have to say that every year? Being a Cub fan comes with a whole lot of negative memories, but a positive future. When theres hope for the Cubs, its a damn good time.




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