Toronto Blue Jays Fan Throws Beer Can at Outfielder While Making a Catch

It didn’t take long for baseball fans to make their presence known in a playoff game… but not for a good reason.

Left Fielder of the Baltimore Orioles Hyun Soo Kim ran back to the track to record the final out of the seventh inning when a Blue Jays fan chucked a beer can that nearly hit him while making the play.

Oh wait… There’s more

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 4.02.40 PM.png


And if we’re being honest, this is typical of Blue Jays fans.


Nate McClouth had a beer can thrown his way back in 2013…

And just one year ago they threw trash onto the field over an unfortunate, but correct call.

It’s a little ridiculous that this is a common theme for Toronto fans. I’ve never really liked them, and the fact that someone’s first reaction to seeing a fly ball heading towards their section is to throw a beer can at the player is the scummiest of all scumbag moves…

Good news is they’re making some progress on who threw the beer can…

Not only did she throw the beer can, but she threw something else too. I really hope the Blue Jays go into the series against Texas and lose three straight.

Part of me doesn’t want Texas to get the job done so the Red Sox can embarrass them in the ALCS, but as long as they lose I’m content.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Nothing like painting a whole fanbase over a couple people’s insensible actions. Go Jays go!


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