Yes, Aqib Talib Actually Shot Himself

The Dallas Police Department have finished their investigation of the June 5 incident which concluded with Denver Broncos Cornerback, Aqib Talib, suffering a gun shot wound to the right leg. The Dallas PD have now confirmed that the corner shot himself in the leg on accident.

Okay so apparently while hanging out at a Dallas park, Talib got sloshed and accidentally set off the gun he had either on his hip or in his pocket. This is the third time this year that a current or former NFL player has shot himself.

The full story courtesy of ESPN.

Former Colts running back Zurlon Tipton accidentally died due to a self inflicted  gun shot wound back in June, and not to mention ex- Wide Receiver Josh Morgan, and this dumb-ass….


So would someone tell me why NFL players insist on packing when they go out in public? I think its time for Goodell to start sanctioning gun safety courses for NFL players, because this is getting ridiculous. Does someone want to tell me why it is necessary for these guys to carry a handgun around, especially when they’re totally hammered.

I enjoy having a good time with my friends just as much as everyone else, but here is where I have problem. According to the Bucks County Courrier Times, on March 14, 2015 Talib spoke and signed autographs for children at a local mosque (for those of you who don’t know Talib is a Muslim), there he spoke about his faith, and his discipline in his faith and on the field. Then just over a year later he’s involved in a shooting, where he was reportedly, “too intoxicated to remember what happened” according to the Dallas Police Department Incident Report. Which may as well be code for, “I was carrying for no reason, got shit-faced, and accidentally shot myself when I was hanging out in a park at 3:40 AM.”  Yeah, real disciplined behavior there.

So to all of you football players out there, chances are you could kick the shit out of anyone who causes you problems. Assault charges are a lot easier to get out of then firearms charges, just ask Plax. jailed-plax


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