Dustin Brown’s Replacement: Anze Kopitar Named 14th Kings Captain

If you’re a hockey fan, you would have heard that this offseason the Los Angeles Kings stripped Dustin Brown of his captaincy and handed it off to star forward Anze Kopitar. Which, in reality was a long time coming for ole’ Dusty. Over the past eight seasons Brown led the team to two Stanley Cups and multiple post season runs. However, his offensive production has gone significantly down hill.

His scoring production has dropped each year since the 2010-2011 season where he scored 28 goals, compared to last season where he scored 11. Brown’s decline has been noticeable, but with a 47 million dollar contract through the year 2021, don’t count on him moving anywhere. dbrwon

According to an article published by USA today he does not plan on moving way from the greatest city in America. Nor should he.

Check out USA Today’s full story here


Don’t get me wrong Dustin Brown has and always will have a place in my heart. He led the boys in black to two Stanley Cups and is only the second American Captain to ever hoist the thing. His captaincy brought Los Angeles back to relevancy when it comes to hockey. He will always stand as one of the great captains in LA’s history to me, which I believe is the least he deserves. However, I think this move by the Kings higher-ups may light a fire under Brown’s ass. In fact I think this is almost an intentional wake up call telling him to get him in line. Brown is a very skilled hockey player, but something has been clearly lacking over the past three seasons. Maybe it was complacency, or he was just underperforming, but now he’s gonna have a chip on his shoulder.  Now he is going to be playing like he has something to prove which could be just what this Kings offense needs to make another postseason run. If they could have Carter, Toffoli, Kopi, Browny, and even Pearson all clicking at the same time, this offense could be something to see.

Anze Kopitar will make an excellent Captain, because in reality he has been leading this team for the past three seasons. Over the past three seasons he has racked up a total of 208 points, 74 goals and 134 assists, and is ready to take on the head role for this veteran ladened club. He has been a King his entire career and is a massive fan favorite. He’s our equivalent to Don Mattingly on the Yankees in the 1980s or current Dodgers First Basemen Adrian Gonzalez; he shows up, puts in work and leads by example. He can be vocal at times, but only will be when necessary, and you could count on the fact that he is always calm in tense situations. Exactly what the Kings need in a Captain.

On top of the captaincy change Tyler Toffoli is coming off a huge year and Tanner Pearson gets better every season. Not to mention, Doughty and Muzzin holding up the defense. They did take a few hits this offseason with Marian Gaborik going down for 8 weeks with a foot injury, and Vinny Lecavalier retiring. We lost Lucic, but I would like to call this move a form of shedding dead weight. Jeff Carter should be good as always and then who can forget the Kings still have one of the best goalkeepers in the NHL in Jonathan Quick.

The Kings core will definitely need to carry this team and perform to their highest potential in order for them to make it back to the cup final, they also need to probably go pick up a young winger to add a little bit of speed to their fourth line. Other than that look to the Kings to hopefully put up another 35 to 40 win season, and stick it to those heathens up in San Jose.

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty Images)

Just in case they needed to be reminded, history is bound to repeat itself, game on bitches.

Go Kings Go.


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