The Boys in Blue are Not. Done. Yet.

The Los Angeles Dodgers came back from being down in the series against the powerful Washington Nationals to win the NLDS. The Dodgers have dethroned the national league favorites and will take on the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS.

The Nationals put up one hell of a fight though and the Cubs are going to be tough to beat, especially since games 1,2, 6,7 will all be in enemy territory, Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play extremely well brought to life by their electric fan-base. A fan-base that finally has a team to root for, queue Steve Bartman.

The Dodgers will send team leader in wins and fan favorite, Kenta Maeda to the mound in game one against Cubs’ veteran John Lester. Maeda has not pitched well in his last few starts however, this was the tail of his regular season for the 16 game winner. He would go two bad starts and then pull two gems out and be nearly untouchable. Maeda mixes a four pitch repertoire that includes a fast ball in the low 90s along with a loopy curveball, a decent changeup, and a wipe-out slider that is highly considered his best pitch. Look for the Dodgers to hit the bullpen after the 6th or 7th inning unless Maeda is absolutely dealing.

The Cubbies will run out Jon Lester, who, I mean is a bonafide Veteran pitcher, with a lot of playoff experience which is why Theo Epstein dished out a big chunk of change to pick him up a few years back. Look to him to get a slider happy especially with all of the left handed bats at the top of the Dodger’s lineup.

The Dodgers ill really need the bat of Justin Turner in game one to keep pulling through in the clutch. Especially since he is surrounded by left handed bats, if he gets pitched to, he will need to get on base. Yasiel Puig will need show up too, as much as I cannot stand how immature he is in the clubhouse and on the base paths he is gonna have to have his A-game at the plate if he gets pitched to. The Cubs have 3 very solid lefties in their pen, and one of them blows 104. The Dodgers are going to have to get ahead early and stay ahead if they have any chance of making it to the series. Let us not forget, Kershaw is pitching game three at home.

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Give the Cubs credit, they’re good, in fact they are very good, but they are beatable, and hey its not all bad for us Dodger fans. If the Cubbies win then I bet a lot of true baseball fans will be hopping on the Cubs bandwagon. I hope it doesn’t get to that point, but it is a definite possibility, someone please find me a fucking billy goat.

Let’s win one for Vin’s last year.

Go Dodgers.


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