I’m a Dodgers Fan and I am Still Rooting for the Cubbies

In my opinion it doesn’t matter who you are or what team you root for during the regular season (unless you’re a fan of Cleveland), everyone should be pulling for Chicago in the World Series. Let’s look at the facts here, they have not been to Series since 1945, and they haven’t won since 1908. That means all of those great Cubs players over the years, from Ernie Banks to Ron Santo to Ryne Sandberg, none of them have ever made it as far as anyone on the Cubs current Active roster. Which is a bit of a shame really, all three of those players are in Cooperstown and all with out a ring. So now is the time, Chicago, to do right by some of your all time greats, your lifers that gave everything to your club and never got any team recognition back. This is your year to finally put the Billy Goat to rest, stop the black cat from walking across Santo’s path and forgive Steve Bartman for his crimes against Chicago. It is time to finally stop bickering and saying, “Its finally our year” because, yes, it is your year. You have one of the most potent offenses in baseball, a lockdown bullpen and experienced starters. You managed to reincarnate all of your greats and put them on one team. Those being Rizzou, Bryant, Zobrist, Baez, and Addison Russel who just now decided that he knew how to hit the ball.

The Cubs celebrate their first World Series berth since 1945. Courtesy of CBS News

Yes, I was sad when that double play was turned to send the Dodgers back L.A. empty handed, but hey if its finally the year then I’m gonna root for you guys. I will be there on every pitch on every out and every swing of the bat hoping that you can pull it off. That should go for every other fan as well. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been nearly 108 years since the Cubs have won the World Series. Since then, we have had two World Wars, the greatest economic collapse in modern history, invented color television and seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and her shitty family become celebrities for no good reason. It is time for the Cubs to finally bring the trophy home to Chicago, its time to silence the critics, and if you’re a true fan of the game you should be pulling for the Cubs. I don’t give a damn if you’re a bitter St. Louis fan, you have to admit that the Cubs winning is good for baseball and good for your rivalry. It adds a challenge, it makes those games a lot more fun to watch and it would be nice for the Cubs to update some of their pennants and maybe have something over the Cardinals for once. All in all, pull for the Cubbies in the Series, it’s good for baseball and we could quite possibly witness something that hasn’t happened in 108 years. It is the sports equivalent of watching a total solar eclipse, these things don’t just happen all of the time. So swallow your pride, throw on some blue and red, and fly that W. Lets go Cubbies.

Unless you’re from Cleveland.



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