Marc-Edouard Vlasic put Corey Perry in a body-bag After Last Nights OT win

Last night, the San Jose Sharks beat their division rivals, the Anaheim Ducks, by a 2-1 margin. The game went to OT and Sharks defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic was the hero for team teal just 1:24 in to the extra frame.

After the Ducks messed up on a wraparound from behind the Sharks net, the puck slid into the neutral zone where Vlasic turned on the jets and beat Corey Perry to the front of the net. Perry tripped Vlasic but, as the Sharks player was falling, he shot the puck point blank and beat Ducks goalie John Gibson stick-side. It was a beautiful goal and you can watch it here:

But it wasn’t the goal that really burned Perry, it was what Vlasic said in his post-game interview:

The medical staff had better get to the visitors locker room and make sure Perry is alright. Vlasic talking shit about Perry being slow on national television is just some salt in the wound here. The win wasn’t good enough for Marc, no, he wanted to lay into the Anaheim player just a bit to make up for that trip. He was thinking of what he was going to say in the interview as soon as Perry dove. And you know what? He said the perfect thing. I bet random people who just happened to be watching the game now think Corey Perry is the biggest chump in the NHL. The guy just got smoked in the game, now he’s getting shit on during interviews by other players. Bag him and tag him. 

P.S. I love how M.E. made it seem like nothing that he beat Corey, like it’s something he can do whenever he wants. Power moves only here in San Jose. 


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