The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Need a Name Change

Okay, I don’t know about the rest of you but this is one of my biggest problems in sports. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have had four names in its 50 year history as a Major League Baseball franchise.

In the franchise’s infancy the Angels were known as the Los Angeles Angels, mostly because the Angels didn’t have a stadium so they played at Dodger Stadium for the first several years. The club then moved to Orange County where they built a stadium in Anaheim roughly 45 minutes from Los Angeles. Notice how I write “from Los Angeles” not “in Los Angeles.”

Then, with the move, the club changed its name to the California Angels, which would make sense being that the club resides in California. Then after around 30 years, the club made the most logical decision in the franchises history to date, and yes, drastically overpaying for Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson does fall into that category. Then the name was officially changed to the “Anaheim Angels.” Wow, now how much sense does that make being that the Angels play in Anaheim? Holy shit, the Angels must have hired brain surgeons to come up with that one.

Then, in 2005 Angels owner, Arte Moreno, in his infinite wisdom, changed the name from the Anaheim Angels, to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Even at age 9, I saw that and just said, “Are we kidding?” Trust me, I wasn’t the only one.

For all of those of who are foreign to Southern California, let me straighten a few things out. Anaheim is not Los Angeles, it is not near L.A. nor will it ever be unless 25 miles of Southern California just up and vanishes. On top of that, they aren’t even in the same damn county. Los Angeles is in, you guessed it, Los Angeles County, while Anaheim resides in Orange County. In case you Angel fans (or owners for that matter) thought that the two cities were close here’s a map.


Yes Anaheim, is not as big of a city as Los Angeles, but hey you guys have Disneyland, why not give them the Angels back full time too? Also, its not like Anaheim isn’t totally obscure. It is the gate to Orange County, and it is the home to two professional sports teams, and two nationally known amusement parks in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

The biggest issue I have with this is that it simply doesn’t make any fucking sense. There is simply no reason that the team should have two hometowns. Not to mention the fact that the two cities are nearly 40 minutes from each other, or 60 with traffic. Plus, the two stadium are even farther apart than the actual cities. If I were a resident of Anaheim I’d be insulted that my city has to have another thrown on to it in order for it to be recognizable. One more thing, are we forgetting that the ANAHEIM DUCKS are called the ANAHEIM DUCKS? It is really that not hard to look across the street and see the giant display on their sign you bunch of numbskulls. The Ducks aren’t ashamed of where they’re from so why are you Mr. Moreno?


So, Arte Moreno, your name is stupid and it needs to be changed.

Get on it.



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