It’s Time to Hold Odell Beckham Jr. Accountable for His Immaturity

To start, I have never been a fan of Odell Beckham Jr. Why? Because he’s a diva. When he’s winning he’s on top of the world and having a great time, everything is good. He’s showboating like none other with wild celebrations, proposing to kicking nets, taking off his helmet after touchdowns, and running up and down the sidelines, which I have no problem with. It’s just when he loses, well… that’s when I have good reason to dislike the guy.

Don’t mistake a hole in the wall after a performance like that for anger and passion for the game. That is stupidity and immaturity at its finest.

4 catches for 28 yards on 11 targets with 3 huge drops, one for a touchdown, and two for first downs on a 3rd & 5 play and 3rd & 11. Yes that has to be frustrating no matter who you are, but to react by busting a hole in a wall is childish and has no place in professional sports.

I’m not saying that a little fire, anger, passion, or whatever you want to call it has no place in sports, this has become the common theme of OBJ as of late. His first three seasons in the NFL he has put up over 1,300 yards and at least 10 touchdowns, but I’m afraid he’s going to tarnish his legacy as a freak athlete with great hands. He was the guy who made one of, if not the greatest catch of all time, changed the game of Madden because of it(for the worse imho), but this past season we remember him for his feud with the kicking net, more antics with Josh Norman that take away from the game, and capping it all off with a nice hole in the wall after a losing effort.

Call it how you see it, but I see an immature wideout that could soon be “running the same route” as Brandon Marshall, putting up impressive numbers every year but not even sniffing a Super Bowl and getting bounced around the league despite consecutive2 1,000 yard seasons. Maybe soon you will too. Keeping a team together and in sync is more important than holding onto a sore loser, no matter how good they may be.



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