Free Porter

The Steelers have placed assistant coach Joey Porter on leave following his arrest Sunday night outside a Pittsburgh bar.

Porter, an outside linebackers coach and former Pro Bowl player for the Steelers, was charged early Monday with assaulting a doorman at a bar and a police officer who intervened hours after the team’s wild-card win over the Miami Dolphins.

“We are continuing to gather information concerning Sunday night’s incident involving Joey Porter,” Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement Monday.


If you follow any type of sports news outlet, you know that Joey Porter, current linebacker coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, got locked up. The report says he got into an altercation with the doorman of a bar. First of all, if you’re working at a bar in Pittsburgh why isn’t Joey Porter getting let to the front of the line? But anyways, the fact that Joey Porter was involved in any type of altercation that night does not surprise me. The dude played for both the Steelers and the Dolphins, he’s been getting amped up for this game all week. So of course his heart rate is going to be higher than it is during a regular game. And it’s not like he’s a fan who moved from Pittsburgh to Miami and needs the Steelers to win so he can brag to his friends at work the next day. He is a 250+ pound wrecking machine; his testosterone levels while watching Gilmore Girls could kill a horse. It’s a scientific fact that Joey Porter was ready to tear someones head off after that game, the adrenaline pumping through his veins would have made it physically possible. So he did the only reasonable thing to handle his hormones and hit the city of Pittsburgh to get drunk and celebrate the win.

The media is painting the incident that occured to be Porter’s fault; I disagree. I do believe that the moment Porter took a sip of alcohol he should’ve put a sign on himself that told people to stand at least ten feet away. But what happened later that night was not Porter’s faultJoeyPorterHulk.png. Bouncers are some tough dudes, but Joey Porter is tougher. And the moment the doorman denied Joey Porter entrance, the retired linebacker took it as a challenge. All the adrenaline, testosterone, and booze that had stockpiled within Porter throughout the day released through his fists. Dude was in full Hulk mode when the cops showed up, of course they weren’t going to be able to detain him. The events of the night don’t surprise me one bit, and I blame the doorman more than I do Porter. I just wanna see the footage
of that doorman getting rocked.


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