Playoff Predictions: Packers March Into Dallas

To this point, Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott have been extremely successful as rookies. In my eyes this success is going to run out against the Green Bay Packers. Now I’m not saying these two won’t have good games they might play well, but it will not be enough to match up with Aaron Rodgers and his high powered offense. Looking at statistics Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on one of the best winning streaks of recent memory. He has not through an interception in 8 games but has thrown 22 touchdowns in that same time. From that exact same time period for Prescott he has thrown 9 touchdowns as well as 2 interceptions, a huge difference.

url.jpgIn terms of rushing attack its no secret that Elliot is a bit better than all of the Packers offense, and the Packers defense did not rank well in rushing defense, but Elliot is not going to be able to rush his way past Rodgers. These teams did meet once before and that is something that most analysts would look at, but this is not the same packers team that played the Cowboys October 16th. This team is in a much better flow offensively and defensively. Not to mention Rodgers wasn’t doing this on October 16th.

All in all I think this game will be close, I think this could have the potential to be the best game in the entire playoffs this year. Aaron Rodgers is too much to handle for the Dallas Cowboys, 28-27 Green Bay Packers move on.


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