Diego Costa: The Odell Beckham of English Soccer

Amidst all of the NFL playoff hype, let’s not forget about the other type of football being played across the pond.

Chelsea Football Club is currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table, and earlier in the year the club went on a 13 game winning streak, only to fall to Tottenham at White Hart Lane last week. The club is still 5 points clear of the closest challenger, Liverpool at 44 points and Tottenham and Manchester City are still in it with 42 points. The Blues easily have the talent to maintain there lead except, the best player on their team sheet is also their biggest problem.

If you’re a fan of English football then you will immediately know that name. If not, let me give you some idea of the Chelsea Striker. The Spaniard currently has 14 goals in 19 appearances, rediscovering his form after a down year of which he only scored 12 times in 28 games. This year Costa has been prolific in front of goal. He is a clear threat every time he gets within 30 yards of the net, and is easily one of the best strikers in the Premier League this year, if not the best.

However, Costa will be absent this upcoming week in the Blues’ clash at Leicester City away from Stamford Bridge for a “back problem.”

Bullshit. Total and utter bullshit.

According to Bleacher Report, Costa has had representatives in China this past week discussing a possible move to the Chinese Superleague where he would be paid around 575,000 Euro a week, or around 612,000 a week in American money.

No one can doubt his skill on the pitch and with the ball, but his mouth and attitude leave a really dark mark on his abilities. Costa is widely regarded as a dirty player and that reputation has followed him from his move from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea back in 2014. The man complains about nearly every call that doesn’t go his way, and has had almost 100 fouls in his 3 years in the top flight of English football. Watch one game featuring Costa and you will understand when I say that he is a total shithead on the pitch. He relentlessly badgers the referees and not to mention the fact that he bit Gareth Barry last year. costa1-bite

Costa is a very talented footballer, but the man needs to get his attitude in line. That’s where he relates to the New York Giants’ Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Both total shitheads beloved by their home fans, but hated by everyone else in the league. No one can deny the fact that both players are unbelievably talented, but they both need to check their, cocky, bullshit attitudes. No one wants to root for the guy that bites people, nor do they want to root for the guy that pouts like a little bitch every time he loses or doesn’t get what he wants.

As a Tottenham fan, I have never been the biggest fan of Chelsea, however I do respect the fact they are an extremely talented team, but Costa is by far and away the biggest crybaby in soccer, and I hope he moves to China. Take the money, because that seems like the only thing you care about.





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