Patrick Marleau Scored Four Goals in One Period Last Night

Last night, the San Jose Sharks visited the Colorado Avalanche in the back half of a home-and-home series. The Sharks were riding a four-game winning streak and things looked pretty good that they could make it five since the Avs are an absolute dumpster fire this season.

Well, not only did the Sharks beat them, but forward Patrick Marleau put on a one-man show in the third period and scored four goals. Yep, a 37-year-old player in the NHL scored four goals in a single period. If that doesn’t make the ESPN Top 10 (But only up to the top eight, since the rest are reserved for basketball plays), then I don’t know what will.

How impressive is this? Well to put it into perspective, the entire Colorado team has scored four combined goals in their last two games. One Sharks player did that in a period. May God have mercy on the Avs.

Marleau is now just the 12th player in NHL history to score four goals in one frame of play. He is three tallies shy of breaking the 500 goal milestone; a feat that could very well be reached in the next couple games, if he can stay hot. For now though, let’s just marvel that this handsome devil is still putting up goals when the team needs them.



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